Jet-set perfume with Laurie Jennings

Jet-set perfume with Laurie Jennings

Adriana Ermter chats fragrance, travel and French getaways with Laurie Jennings, deputy editor at Good Housekeeping magazine in NYC.

The Job

Jennings multi-tasks: writing, editing, assigning and packaging each issue of the 102-year-old, Manhattan-based women’s lifestyle magazine. “I get really excited about helping people lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives,” says the Canadian expat. “Whether it’s fast and nutritious weeknight dinners, easy health tricks or inspiring real-life stories, I get to learn them first before I share them.”

The Travel

“I recently had a baby girl, so I’m not travelling as much as I used to,” says Jennings. “When I was the health editor for Chatelaine, I travelled all over North America and also hit a few places in the Caribbean and Europe.”

The Standout

Biarritz, which Jennings likes to call: “the other south of France. It’s known as the Pays Basque on the Atlantic Coast, near Spain. “There’s a strong, local food movement, a great daily market, superb seafood, beautiful countryside, surfing, hiking in the Pyrénées, lots of little towns to visit—each with its own special vibe,” says Jennings. “How can you go wrong when you top a day of surfing with a glass of champagne at a local pintxos bar?”

Aveda Chakra 5The Perfume

Aveda Chakra 5 Balancing Body Mist. “I’m simple when it comes to scents and I lean toward those that contain natural essential oils,” Jennings says. “This has been my go-to for years. On any given day, I’m juggling a lot of balls and it helps me feel grounded, but still energetic. I also like that Chakra 5 is your throat chakra, which is supposed to represent creativity and communication.” Jennings also likes to pack pure lavender and peppermint oils in her carry-on for their respective calming and pick-me-up properties.
Aveda Chakra 5 Balancing Body Mist, $42 (100 ml),

The Moment

“The time I ran the New York marathon,” says Jennings. “I had to get up really, really early and I feel like Chakra 5 gave me the boost I needed to start the day on the right foot, in the right headspace and with the focus I needed to finish the race.” She also likes the fact that she’s never encountered anyone else wearing her scent. “I feel like it’s my own little secret.”


Jennings joins Jenny Bird, Erin Kleinberg and Jaime Maser in our Jet-Set Fragrance series.

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