Interview with Julia McEwen, fashion and beauty director

Interview with Julia McEwen, fashion and beauty director

Deborah Fulsang chats fragrance with Julia McEwen, Fashion & Beauty Director at Canadian Living magazine, while runway tripping during World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto.

QUESTION: What fragrance are you wearing?

McEWEN: I’m wearing the new Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit. It’s the only sugary scent that I’ve been able to wear and I love ginger. And I’m kinda feeling sick so it’s perfect.

QUESTION: How many fragrances do you own?

McEWEN: I would guesstimate maybe 60. I have a lot that I love for the bottle though. I wear maybe 15. And a lot are men’s: The new Prada Luna; [Viktor&Rolf] Spicebomb is my favourite. Let me rephrase that: Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille is my favourite, but a cheaper version is Spicebomb. And I’m also in love with Martin Margiela Untitled.

QUESTION: How has your mother’s perfume or taste in perfume influenced you?

McEWEN: It made me choose the opposite of what she liked. She loved the powdery ones. She loves Poison by Dior. And it makes me think of her—but in a nagging way. I’m more influenced by my dad’s scent. He did wear the green label of the classic Polo.

One thing I like to do with fragrance is I start a new fragrance when I travel. And then when I wear it later, it makes me think of that time—the beach or Europe or wherever—it works every time.

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