Karen Ashbee shares her favourite holiday scents

Karen Ashbee shares her favourite holiday scents

The Whale & The Rose team decided to get into the giving spirit this year by sharing our own favourite holiday scents.

Contributor Karen Ashbee shares her nostalgic Christmas scent and what she hopes to get in her stocking this holiday season.

My favourite holiday scent

Every Christmas my grandmother baked dozens of shortbread cookies to give away as gifts. The recipe was simply three ingredients, butter, flour, and brown sugar, and although my mother and I tried desperately to replicate it we couldn’t. It was all in the feel of the dough as Grandma never measured the flour, and when she passed away the recipe went with her. To this day the smell of shortbread cookies baking evokes Christmases past.

Valmont Fresh Dew CleanserAt the top of my holiday wishlist

Having just tried Swiss based Valmont’s moisturizing face cream I am keen to test out their body line, in particular their Shower Cream Fresh Dew Cleanser. Enriched with rose oil not only is the aroma evocative of spring, but it also sounds perfect for Calgary’s swinging temperatures, long cold days, and extremely dry winters.

Valmont Shower Cream Fresh Dew Cleanser, $75, www.beauty-court.com

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Karen Ashbee is a freelance writer, certified dressage judge, rider and consultant for her husband’s business. Although La Perla has been her signature scent for over twenty years she does admit for having a fondness for ‘eau du barn.’ Nothing like the woodsy aroma of fresh shavings combined with the smell of saddle soap.