Kate Moss fronts new Charlotte Tilbury perfume

Kate Moss fronts new Charlotte Tilbury perfume

5795e1a71200002900a53335A celebrity makeup artist, the face of Kate Moss and a perfume dubbed “floral-erotic”: Say hello to Charlotte Tilbury’s recipe for fragrance success.

When Charlotte Tilbury announced the launch of her first perfume, featuring Kate Moss, we knew there would be a great campaign to match.

The fragrance, Scent of a Dream, is what the celebrity makeup artist declares a “fleurotic” or floral-erotic, and she says, its creation came naturally to her as she’s been mixing her own perfume concoctions for years.

Expect a heady floral character with a jasmine overdose, an opening of citrus, and a woody base. According to Tilbury, it’s meant to bring light, positivity and a touch of the sensual to the wearer.

The Scent of a Dream campaign, which officially launches on August 15, 2016, has yet to be revealed, but we do have a sneak peek that shows us a bit of how the iconic model, Kate the Great, embodies the scent.

Kate is “bewitching, beguiling and entrancing,” and “knew how to convey on camera the way this scent is a portal for love, light, power, positivity and sex,” says Tilbury.

Intrigued? Moss, for her part, says “Charlotte and I have always had this instant, naughty chemistry—she’s a bit magical.”

No wonder these two old friends have teamed up for this fragrance campaign—we’re happy to be the voyeurs.


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