Keep cool. Chill your summer perfume

Keep cool. Chill your summer perfume

By Deborah Fulsang

As the temperature climbs to 34-plus and the Humidex inches up to the 40 mark, we’ve been spritzing our favourite citrus colognes. A splash of lemon, lime or bergamot does wonders to chill the brain.

But what about this perfume tip? Keep your summer perfumes on ice. Well, not literally. But do keep them in the fridge. After all, a cool mist of your favourite fragrance will be even more refreshing if it actually does cool you on contact.

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Deborah Fulsang has spent the last two decades as a journalist covering news and trends in the worlds of style—in fashion and beauty, design and décor, food and entertaining. Her long-held love of fragrance led her to launch The Whale & The Rose, a destination for all things perfume-related. Now, when she indulges in a crazy-expensive bottle of fragrance, she can do so guilt-free. Well almost. It’s all in the name of research after all.