New Kenzo World perfume debuts

New Kenzo World perfume debuts

Crafted by top-tier perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and featuring evil-eye graphics and an unusual bottle, the new Kenzo floral promises to be a must-buy, must-try.

No surprise that Kenzo tapped A-list perfume nose Francis Kurkdjian to create its new fragrance. From what we’ve read, the scent is floral (a Kurkdjian signature), and also woody and musky. According to Fragrantica, it possesses a soft-focus floral appeal.

A scent debut from Kenzo artistic directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim joined Kenzo in 2011 as artistic directors and have been working on this fragrance for over two years. “It’s all the notes that we love,”said Leon to Vogue Magazine. “It’s a little bit of Parisian floral meets a California kind of freshness and everything in between.”

The bottle is good. Really good.

Shaped like an eye, and designed by Patrick Li, the Kenzo World flask plays on the all-seeing evil-eye motif trending over the past few years, especially in jewellery. Since Leon and Lim joined the brand, the symbol has become part of Kenzo’s world, so it makes sense that one of the brand’s scents would feature it. Consider it a collectible for the perfume geeks among us.

Spike Jonze creates Kenzo World perfume video

Talk about A-listers. Leon and Lim tapped star filmmaker Spike Jonze to capture their perfume’s visual POV. Notably, the video also features Sarah Margaret Qualley, daughter of actress Andie MacDowell, and is set to premiere in September—perhaps not coincidentally within the internationally acclaimed TIFF calendar—so keep an eye out. In early July, it was screened at the fragrance launch party to rave reviews, according to reports from Fashion Unfiltered.

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PHOTO: Fragrantica
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