Kilian X Matisse Art Editions

Kilian X Matisse Art Editions

By Alexandra Donaldson

If there’s anything we love more than a great scent, it’s a great scent in a great bottle. Which is why we were delighted when we found out that Kilian Hennessy would be re-releasing three of his best-selling scents in new art edition bottles designed by Sophie Matisse (the great-granddaughter of Henri Matisse), in a Kilian X Matisse special edition line.

INLINEI wanted to offer my customers a fresher interpretation of my two best-selling scents: Good Girl Gone Bad for women, and Straight to Heaven for men, as well as repackage my only citrus scent, Bamboo Harmony,” says Killian.

“These are also pieces of art, and it’s important to be able to interpret “freshness” in a way that is unique in our industry.”

“Radiant colours and energetic forms” capture each scent and appeal to lovers of summer fragrance and objects of beauty alike. As with all By Kilian fragrances, the bottles are meant to be refilled and kept for a lifetime in keeping with the brand’s eco-luxe philosophy.

Kilian X Matisse, $225 (50 ml),

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