Lady Gaga debut

We’re just five short months from the launch of Lady Gaga’s first fragrance and the countdown is on. After all, everyone loves scandal and provocation when it comes to perfume, right?

Early reports were that the multi-award-winning star, wanted the scent to have the molecular structure of bodily fluids—not the actual aroma of blood and semen, as was the even more provocative suggestion first rumoured.

Apparently, the blood element is to be based on Lady Gaga’s own blood, reported The Daily Mail, so “…it’s a sense of having me on your skin,” said the 25-year-old iconoclast. The blood element is based on the molecular make-up of the star’s own DNA. “It was taken out of my own blood sample so it’s a sense of having me on your skin,” she said.

And what does that smell like? In Gaga’s words: “An expensive hooker.”

Well, we’re looking forward to it regardless. History shows us that it’s those that break with tradition—thank you Chanel, Guerlain, Thierry Mugler—that deliver timeless and truly influential fragrances destined to be tomorrow’s masterpieces.
The name of Gaga’s spritz? Well, that hasn’t been released either, but betting types wager on “Monster”, which is well-suited, given Gaga refers to her fans as Little Monsters and that she herself has tattooed the title “Mother Monster” on her arm.

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