Would you pay $1,800 for a perfume?

Would you pay $1,800 for a perfume?

Okay, so when it comes to its limited edition bottles, you’re not just paying for the Lalique perfume—it’s the crystal container it comes in too.

Lalique recently unveiled its 2018 limited edition crystal bottle named Séduction. The new bottle joins others in the Flacon Collection Cristal. The yearly limited-edition crystal bottles house the brand’s Lalique de Lalique perfume. Though we have yet to see a full image of the bottle (only the sneak peek above), we have learned about the serpent design.

“The 2018 bottle’s serpent motif takes inspiration from the brand’s serpent vase, created in 1924,” according to WWD.com. The snake design conveys wisdom, fertility and seduction.

Marie-Claude Lalique, René Lalique’s granddaughter, started the limited edition bottle series in 1994 when Lalique de Lalique perfume launched. The perfume is a combination of jasmine, rose and blackcurrant leaves mixed with sandalwood and vanilla—a fruity, floral and pink eau.

The perfume in its regular bottle is worth quite a bit less ($246 for 100 ml at Nordstrom). Rest assured the price tag is certainly due to the crystal and limited edition bottle. While the perfume might not last forever, you’re going to want to designate the bottle as a future heirloom.

If you do want to get your hands on one of the 1,200 crystal bottles you’ll have to head to a Lalique Boutique.

If you don’t have money burning a hole in your pocket, maybe you just want to take a look at some of Lalique’s past limited edition perfume bottles. It’s the closest we’ll get to this sort of luxury!




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