Lea Seydoux is the Prada Candy girl—and woman

Lea Seydoux is the Prada Candy girl—and woman

Lea Seydoux brings Bond-girl allure and French je-ne-sais-quoi to the iconic Italian brand.

There’s a moment in Spectre, the latest instalment of the Bond films, where Léa Seydoux’s character—Madeleine Swann—glances at Daniel Craig through the corner of her eye and grins before the two drive off in a luxury vintage Aston Martin. The look in Seydoux’s eyes is knowing, instinctual, and somewhat playful. It’s the type of scene not unfamiliar to Bond fans, a nod to the series’ timeless ability to seduce. When layered with the French actress’ recent ambassadorship for Prada Candy, Seydoux’s role as 2015’s Bond girl becomes the Prada brand by association. Between long silk gowns, 1920s curls and coy sideways glances, we are introduced to a woman who is as sly and confident as she is poised, an Oxford and Sorbonne-educated psychologist who knows how to handle a gun. Seydoux’s character is sexy, smart, chic and sassy. How perfect for Prada.

Seydoux and the Prada Candy collection: Both embody seduction

PradaCandyIn a single word, the Prada Candy line can be described as seductive. The brand’s three perfumes—Prada Candy, Prada Candy L’Eau, and Prada Candy Florale—range from all-out sweet and unexpected to sophisticated and elegantly floral. The aim is to to embody all facets of the Prada woman, from flirty femme to fiercely independent professional. And Seydoux personifies it. She is the actor with a filmography that runs from her role as an ingenuine in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris to the critically acclaimed (and sensual) Blue is the Warmest Colour to of course her turn as a fiercely independent psychologist in the latest Bond film.

Seydoux stars in the Prada campaign

If you were to flip through a magazine and see Seydoux’s image in the current Prada campaign, you’d see a playful Lolita surrounded by baby pink, holding up a single flower over one eye, or a svelte blonde woman with blunt bangs and red lips. The imagery is mischievous. While there is a timelessness represented in both, Seydoux represents iconic French je ne sais quoi. She is the classic beauty with simple style as much as she is the forward-thinking modern woman.

The Prada Candy lineup: from Prada Candy to L’Eau and Florale

Prada Candy: The iconic Italian brand scored big with this spritz, a perfume that managed to be—like the brand itself—quirky and sexy both. The perfume combines notes of musk, benzoin and caramel in a most original way. A sweet for non-sweet tooths. EDP, $96 (50 ml), www.prada.com

Prada Candy L’Eau: Citrusy top notes of Sicilian mandarin and lemon give a burst of freshness to this scent while floral sweet pea makes up the heart and the base stays true to that of the original Prada Candy. Sweet, delicious and flirty. EDT, $110 (80 ml), www.prada.com

Prada Candy Florale: Start with that Prada Candy benzoin, musk and caramel and swirl in flowers, limoncello sorbet and peony. Pretty. EDT, $85 (50 ml) www.prada.com


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