Superhero bamboo inspires perfume and beauty

Superhero bamboo inspires perfume and beauty

By Alexandra Donaldson

Gucci recently announced it would release a new fragrance this fall entitled Bamboo. But what, I wondered, did bamboo smell like. I set to work.

Google searches gave me “cool,” “fresh” and “earthy”, but nothing more specific. And the perfume? To sniff, it is fresh, cool and earthy, but I discovered, the scent is inspired by the character of bamboo. Hence, it is meant to symbolize the Gucci woman. She is strong, stands tall, is poised. She bends but never breaks. She is Wonder Woman, which makes sense since the actress playing the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie, Gal Gadot, is the face of the fragrance.

Great casting too, since Gadot perfectly illustrates strength and beauty. At 30, the Israeli-born beauty in no kid. The actress and former model also did her stint in the army, serving two years in the Israel Defence Forces. Like bamboo, she obviously has serious backbone.

And as we’re sure to see more of Gadot, since the film is not set to land until 2017, we’re sure to see more of bamboo as its power is being increasingly appreciated beyond the perfume counter. 

At the beauty counter, Korean brand AmorePacific uses bamboo in their Moisture Bounds skincare series. “One of the most resilient plants on the planet, bamboo is know for its unparalleled ability to provide instant and long-term hydration,” says Nathalie Paiva, AmorePacific’s director of marketing.

Bamboo sap is used in the Moisture Bound products in lieu of water, to ensure concentrations and therefore optimum effectiveness. The sap is rich in minerals and amino acids, and according to Paiva, it “deeply moisturizes and increases cell turnover, revealing new skin cells and creating a brightening effect.” The brand’s Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel relies on bamboo to support cell turnover to help banish dark circles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Interested in AmorePacific? They also use green tea in their skincare.

INLINEGucci_Bamboo_GalGadotBut bamboo isn’t just good for your skin, it’s good for your hair too. Alterna Haircare is a haircare brand which taps the power of bamboo as an ingredient. Michael Shaun Corby, Alterna Haircare Vice President-Global Creative Director, says that “bamboo is a hair-strengthening wonder that restores natural flexibility.”

Bamboo is used in Alterna’s products to strengthen, nourish and moisturize hair via amino acids, sugars and minerals. “Not only is this ingredient incredibly efficacious, it is very sustainable,” says Corby, “as an eco-chic brand, this is an important aspect of our bamboo franchise.”

My pick: Alterna Haircare Bamboo Curl Anti-Frizz Cream for soft, touchable curls that smell great.

So back to the smell of bamboo. In Gucci Bamboo, it smells fresh and lush like a rainforest, bright and tropical like the beach and soft like cashmere. Notes of Tahitian vanilla, grey amber, sandalwood, lily and ylang ylang combine to create one very rich,warm and compelling spritz. And then the association of bamboo’s inherent strength with respect to its application in skincare and haircare, and you’ve got one seriously superhero ingredient in the world of beauty.

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum, $136 (75 ml),
AmorePacific Treatment Toner, $85,

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Smooth Curls Anti-Frizz Cream, $25,

PHOTO: AmorePacific
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