Macaron Day with Nadège Patisserie

Macaron Day with Nadège Patisserie

By Alexandra Donaldson

Of all the new “National Days” that have sprung up recently, Macaron Day is a favourite. These French delights have been gaining popularity—hence the designated day—and so it’s no surprise that bakeries and sweet shops on this side of the pond have been offering up these delectable treats in an endless assortment of flavours.

The delicate macaron-making process requires plenty of TLC according to Chef Nadège Nourian of Nadège in Toronto, who turns out macarons daily using her very own French recipe and techniques. Nadège uses the highest quality ingredients—exactly what we want in our sweet treats as well as our sweet fragrances.

Macaron notes in perfumery popped up in last year’s in Nina Ricci’s La Tentation de Nina—the cookies were actually inspired by the iconic French patisserie Ladurée itself. Sweet macaron-inspired gourmand flavours, such almond and fruit notes (macarons are typically almond-based), also appear in spritzes such as Beyonce’s Heat and Le Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain.

In honor of Macaron Day, we asked Chef Nourian about the latest and greatest macaron flavours, some of which we see reflected in our favourite scents. So whether you’re inspired by a fragrant sweet treat or a gourmand scent, treat yourself today to a bit of French-inspired luxury—we know we will. Below, three of Chef’s favourite flavours:

MacaronDayNadège will be donating 50% of all in-store macaron purchases on March 20th to SickKids, so this Friday your indulgence will do more than sate your sweet tooth.

Salted caramel. One of the most beloved macaron flavours—and this writer’s personal favourite—this savoury-sweet essence is one of the most popular at Nadège. Caramel, also a popular fragrance note, shows up in countless modern-day perfumes: Think Prada Candy and Miss Dior Cherie.

Today, might we recommend True Religion’s Love Hope Denim? This sweet spritz boasts notes of caramel, brown sugar, Madagascar vanilla and candied almonds, making it just as delectable as the edible treat, and all without the calories.
True Religion Love Hope Denim EDP, $50 (100 ml),

One of the more unusual Nadège offerings, we love the marriage of grapefruit and cayenne because it’s one of our favourite combos—citrus and spice. Reminds us of Bleu de Chanel, with its citrus accord; there’s grapefruit in combination with ginger, pink pepper and sandalwood. The resulting spicy-sweet combo is mouth-watering.
Bleu de Chanel, $89 (100 ml), 

Oh, we’ve had Guinness cake, but Guinness macarons? Yes please, Nadège. Call us intrigued!

Since Guinness isn’t exactly a fragrance note (yet), we were instead inspired by the colour, complexity and warmth of that legendary Irish brew. Hope you love us for it Donna Karan, but your Black Cashmere is at first strong and woody, but smoothes out and is true to it’s name as it sets on the skin. Notes of saffron, white pepper, nutmeg, clove and patchouli add to the dark complexity of a scent that is soothing and comforting, much like a strong stout, or an oddly complex French macaron.
Donna Karan Black Cashmere, $120 (100 ml),


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