Maison Margiela Filters: Instagram-inspired perfumes

Maison Margiela Filters: Instagram-inspired perfumes

Margiela is taking social media a step further with its latest perfume innovation: Maison Margiela Filters.

We’re used to social media invading every aspect of our lives, and it’s safe to say that many of our experiential moments are filtered through…well, a filter. How clever then that Maison Margiela’s latest perfume offering is inspired by Instagram filters. Welcome two new additions to the brand’s Replica fragrance family.

The Filters

Meet Glow and Blur: Two dry-oil Margiela fragrances that are meant to be layered (another big trend) with other Replica perfumes—or your own fragrance too, we imagine—for a truly cusomized scent.

Now, as you embellish and edit your photographic moments, you can also tweak your favourite fragrances, giving them a “filter”. Each filter fragrance is designed to give a spin to each Replica scent—a little emphasis here, a little downplaying there—as they are layered; they can be worn on their own too of course.


“Glow magnifies your perfume’s radiant energy,” says the brand. Meaning? It’s intended to emphasize the bright and light notes (ie. citrus and white flowers) of a scent already on the skin.

The dry oil itself has notes of grapefruit flower, bergamot and rose absolute, which no doubt will add a bright veil to almost any fragrance category you might already be wearing.


“Protective and against the skin, Blur comforts. More intimate, it wraps your memory up in a soft and delicate cloud,” says the brand. With notes of aldehyde, jasmine and musk, we’re imagining this filter fragrance serves to soften the dark, powerful notes of your existing spritz—think oud, leather, woods.

INLINE_Margiela---Etui--Flacon-02-(HD)Maison Margiela Filters, $80 (50 ml) each,

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