Makeup artist Diana Carriero’s top scented products

Makeup artist Diana Carriero’s top scented products

This veteran makeup artist says she’s not a perfume person, but press her and she declares herself a fragrance lover. Here, the scented items she can’t live without.

FullSizeRender_2QUESTION: You’ve been a top makeup artist for years and have tried so many scented products. Do you have a favourite?

DIANA CARREIRO: My absolute favourite is a mist. It’s like a water that’s infused with essential oils—lavender, orange blossom—it just smells so clean and relaxing. I love it, I love it. I spray it on everything: on my pillow before I go to sleep, on the seat in the airplane—I’m that girl. I spray it in my hotel room as soon as I get there. To me, it’s an essential. It smells clean and natural and not perfume-y.

Germs Away Mist, Clinical Luxury by Graydon, $15 (120 ml), (FYI, this mist blends essences of citrus and lavender, grapefruit and blood orange, geranium, juniper, rosemary, nutmeg and clove.)


Q: Favourite-smelling hair product?

CARREIRO: Oribe Texturizing Spray. It smells…it’s hard to explain; powdery but clean.

Q: Favourite fragrance?

It’s Trish McIvoy No.9, a blackberry-vanilla scent, but for work, I don’t really wear it. I find a lot of people are allergic to fragrance or sensitive to it, and I work so closely with people—I’m in their space—so I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

And I too am sensitive to scent, so I’m just really careful about fragrance. But I am a scent lover.

Trish McEvoy No.9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk, $85.50 (50 ml),, this perfume has top notes of blackberry and plum plus mandarin; heart notes of rose, tiare flower and osmanthus; and base notes of vanilla, musk and cashmere wood.)11

And I love how scent can sometimes bring me back; spark memories. Chanel No.5 reminds me of my mom. I don’t wear it but I keep a bottle of it to remind me of her.

In my home, I use the Clinical Luxury mist and a candle. It’s a fir-scented candle from Thymes. It is my absolute favourite candle scent. It’s evergreen; it’s beautiful.

Frasier Fir Green Glass Candle, $29 (185 g),

I hate cheap-smelling candles. Seriously, they give me a headache. This one’s such a good scent—I even have a travel one.

And I love the smell of clean laundry. Really anything clean.

Q: Scent of a favourite place?

CARREIRO: Tropical for sure. Coconut. And anything that reminds me of the water because I am a water baby, so anything that reminds me of the beach.

And a real-wood fire: That’s the best.


Diana Carreiro keying a fashion show with a team.

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