March 2016 editor picks

March 2016 editor picks

Tom Ford perfume, a rich fragrance read from Givaudan and a perfume lover’s travel pack: A great way to greet Spring

March: When winter turns to spring. What better occasion to indulge in some fresh new scents and perfume ideas. On that note, three of my favourite fragrance things that top my editor picks wish list for the month:

TomFord_SoleilBlancEDP_2016Tom Ford Soleil Blanc pays homage to the sun goddesses

I was clearly born in the wrong hemisphere. I love the sun—the way it feels on your skin, the way it boosts your spirit, the way it makes you want to live outdoors, and the way it brings one’s garden to life.

And I’m also a child of the ’80s, so I’m a sucker for the perfume world’s new glamorous solar scents. The latest, Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc, has my name written all over it: Ylang-ylang, jasmine and tuberose but modernized with a wicked warm streak of coconut milk, amber and tonka bean. This will sate me until the summer sunshine returns in all of its full glory.
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc EDP, $350 (100 ml),

The wonderful world of scent via Givaudan: A beautiful read


“The foods we savour and the fragrances that surround and delight us are at the heart of what it is to be human.”

You’re speaking my language Gilles Andrier. The CEO of Givaudan, the Switzerland-based global producer of fragrances for perfumery, food and consumer products, was speaking about the new anthology that the company has just launched.

“[An Odyssey of Flavours and Fragrances] is our invitation to everyone to discover the profound impact smell and taste has on so many facets of our life,” he said.

For a fragrance geek like me, the prospect of reading through the book, which was written by five authors, and which ponders the philosophical, historical, scientific and literary aspects of the scent industry, is my idea of a good time.

Yes, it’s kind of a glorified press kit. But with style and substance. And it comes with gorgeous pictures. How can you go wrong?
Plans are to tour the book around the world with an accompanying exhibition. We’ll keep you posted with dates and info as we receive them.


Peripatetic-minded perfume lovers: This one’s for you

If you, like me, are a little fragrance ADD, then you’ll agree that Atelier Cologne’s collections are the bomb. This one, now available at Sephora, is called Nécessaire Nomade and features eight exceptional spritzes that will have you channeling the various warm-weather destinations that you perhaps are just wishing were on your March Break itinerary.

Citrus lovers will love Orange Sanguine, Cedrat Enivrant, Mandarin Glaciale, Cedre Atlas and Pomelo Paradis. For fans of more sultry colognes, there’s Sud Magnolia, Vanille Insensee and Figuier Ardent. The last in fact, is a woody-floral fragrance with fig leaf, Calabrian bergamot, cedarwood and a vivacious peppery heart. It might be my favourite in the octet— but alas that could change tomorrow. Wonderful then that there are so many top-notch backups.
Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Collectiom, $55 (8 x 4 ml),

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