Media finalists: 2016 Canadian Fragrance Awards

Media finalists: 2016 Canadian Fragrance Awards

Cosmetics Magazines celebrates great writing on the topic of perfume. Thanks for the nod!

We love great perfume writing almost as much as we love perfume itself, which is why we’re happy to share this year’s media finalists for the Canadian Fragrance Awards.

The importance of great-smelling shampoo, a new cool-girl scent, an after-hours spritz, the history of a perfume legend and an article from our own founder, Deborah Fulsang, on wedding day scents. These are the nominated stories in Cosmetics Magazine’s media category of this year’s Canadian Fragrance Awards which takes place April 28 in Toronto.

Make time to take a read on all of the scent stories that are up for the grand media prize (listed below) and check out the full list of nominated fragrances at Cosmetics Magazine.

Nuptial notes by Deborah Fulsang (The Kit)

Hair to the throne by Amy Verner (Elle)

Scent of a cool girl by Rachel Heinrichs (Flare)

Seductive reasoning by Caitlin Kenny (Flare)

A star is born by Mishal Cazmi (Glow)

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