Michael Kors

Michael Kors

By Deborah Fulsang

Designer Michael Kors has been designing sporty, sexy and glamorous clothes that we love to wear—or wish we could—for more than 30 years. This fall, he launches a full-blown fragrance and makeup collection, called what else? Sporty, Sexy, Glam.


1. QUESTION: Why launch three fragrances simultaneously?

MICHAEL KORS: I started by thinking about my process for designing a collection. My clothes always have something sporty about them, a certain sexiness to them, and then there’s always an element of glamour. When you put the right thing on, it changes your whole spirit, so I wanted to create the perfect fragrances for whatever she’s feeling. Each should elevate the mood she’s in.

2. QUESTION: Why did you choose the “sporty” category to embody in a fragrance? 

KORS: I’m a sportswear designer—I think sporty is a quality that’s modern and chic. It’s a woman who’s running errands, at the gym, on the tennis court, then off to a nice lunch. I wanted to create something bright and fresh that works if you want to wear it to the gym, but it can also go black tie. It’s about mobility. 

3. QUESTION: What legendary sexy woman comes to mind to embody the spirit of the SEXY Amber scent? Why? 

KORS: I think about a woman like Angelina Jolie. She’s got a certain kind of confidence—it’s the same whether she’s on the red carpet or running errands with her kids.

4. QUESTION: Where do you think a SEXY Amber-wearing customer would vacation?

KORS: She’s in paradise—somewhere hot with a fun nightlife. It’s Ibiza or South Beach. Maybe St. Tropez.

5. QUESTION: Big white floral fragrances: why do you believe they are a signature for you? Why do you consider them so glamorous?

KORS: I love when you arrive in a place like Bali and the air is humid and there’s this strong smell of flowers—it’s really intoxicating. For these fragrances, I wanted something that had that drama and potency, but at the same time didn’t knock you out in the elevator. Everything is really meant to slide between categories, rather than be so specific, like ‘this is what you wear to work’. Why should these rules exist?

“When I think gold, I think shine. This packaging represents that perfect tug of war between something that is glamorous and indulgent, but at the same time, comforting and warm. Gold is the best of both.”

Scent snapshots of three fragrances, not just one: Of Kors!

Sporty Citrus: This is fresh and crisp with an almost chewy, lush green-and-woodiness. Cool and easy-to-wear.
Michael Kors, Sporty Citrus Eau de Parfum, $85 (50 ml), www.thebay.com

Sexy Amber: Warm and sultry, with an almost smoky essence thanks to a combo of sandalwood and musk played against a backdrop of  orange, mandarin and white flowers. Absolutely true to its name.
Michael Kors, Sexy Amber Eau de Parfum, $85 (50 ml), www.thebay.com

Glam Jasmine: Intoxicating and rich, this spritz reeks of silky, just-done hair, really expensive clothes and high, super-femme heels. A floral not for the faint of heart.
Michael Kors, Glam Jasmine Eau de Parfum, $85 (50 ml), www.thebay.com

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