Miss Universe perfume and The Scent of Sexism for sale

Miss Universe perfume and The Scent of Sexism for sale

By Erin Richardson

What does Miss Universe smell like? Notes of chauvinism layered with spray tan. At least, that’s what feminists would have you believe. Miss Universe participants, however, are getting the chance to have their own signature fragrances, sure to be laced with notes of “determination”, “young beauty”, and “intelligence” (aka. the buzzwords pageant contestants have to memorize to secure their spot).

The Miss Universe Organization has recently partnered with Omni Scents to create a Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA fragrance lineup. Since the pageant is usually forgotten before the last piece of confetti has fallen, this partnership aims to keep Miss Universe at the forefront of consumers’ consciousnesses by playing on their sense of smell.

Unfortunately, in a market already saturated with novelty fragrances, a perfume centered around the virtues of hairspray on your butt and “world peace” is more likely to end up in the 30% off Duty Free bin than as a cherished keepsake. That being said, for those who enjoy the scent that proves the Women’s Movement clearly failed (uh, I mean, a scent that is fresh and young and perfect for today’s ambitious and confident women), the Miss Universe collection will be released in summer 2013. Get your hairspray ready!

PHOTO: Miss Universe: Olivia Culpo, 20, of Rhode Island, USA (EXTRATV.COM)
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