Monica Cruz, the face – and body – of Agent Provocateur

Monica Cruz, the face – and body – of Agent Provocateur

Monica Cruz – Spanish-born actor, dancer, model and younger sister to Penelope – talks sex and scent with our DEBORAH FULSANG on the occasion of her new campaign for Agent Provocateur Fatale

QUESTION: If the fragrance imagery [for the Fatale campaign] is meant to communicate both “toughness and softness” how do you believe you embody the two sides of this dichotomy?

MONICA CRUZ: I believe I also have this two sides: I might look [like] as sweet person but I also have a strong personality that I think every woman has inside.

QUESTION: What do you have in common with the 1940s femme fatale who is the inspiration for this Agent Provocateur fragrance?
CRUZ: What I have in common with the femme fatale is the intuition. I’m not referring to the part to attract men, all of us have it and we know how to use it. I prefer to be truth to myself and not playing a part to attract someone. This intuition and mystery that women have is what we have in common: The sixth sense.

QUESTION: What was the first fragrance you ever wore?
CRUZ: The one that my mother used to wear. I loved it and I used it to feel older.

QUESTION: Who has taught you the most about fragrance?
CRUZ: I haven’t learnt a lot yet and I would love to know more about the development, the mixing, the testing. What I know is that smells and music are the only way we have to travel in time. For example, I love the smell of jasmine and carnations because they remind me of my grandmother. Smells that take you somewhere else… and that feeling remains intact, it never gets lost.

QUESTION: How and where on your body do you apply fragrance?
CRUZ: In the wrists, behind the ears and in the neck.

QUESTION: What are the 5 essentials of your beauty ritual?
CRUZ: Take care of what I eat, sleep well, take vitamins, drink a lot of water, not using make up when I’m not working to [let] the skin rest.

QUESTION: Who is the best smelling person you’ve ever met and what did they smell like?
CRUZ: My daughter! You can’t describe that smell – it is such a real smell that it would be impossible to fabricate it.

QUESTIONS: I’m wondering if fragrance helps you create your character when you are acting. Is this the case and can you explain how you use it and what it does for you?
CRUZ: It’s like the clothes: It’s a complement that can help you to create a character. If you play a shy person, you´ll use a different perfume than if you are playing [an] outgoing one.

QUESTION: How did your mother influence your attitudes and tastes of fragrance?
CRUZ: She doesn’t really influence me over perfumes, but when I don’t do what she tells me to do, then I realize that she was right! But this is something that always happens with mothers. Her influence and opinions are always really important!
[With my sister Penelope], it’s the same: Her opinion is always really important but we don’t necessary (sic) have the same opinion about perfumes. We have such a great sisters relationship and union and we respect each other in what we like. 

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