more divine-smelling moroccanoil, head to toe

more divine-smelling moroccanoil, head to toe

By Ashley Kowalewski

Marion Cotillard, Salma Hayek and Katy Perry are rumoured fans of Moroccanoil. Ditto Faith Hill and Emily Blunt. The brand’s quality treatment formulas no doubt are part of the reason for brand’s cult-like following. But we’re convinced it’s the signature scent of the original and crazily popular Moroccanoil Oil Treatment, launched in 2006, that’s really cemented those relationships.

The sultry scent of that oil has become almost as iconic as the products themselves.

The official composition of the signature Moroccanoil scent is a guarded secret. Its argan oil has a light sweetness; we also pick up tropical flower notes; and there’s warmth from a presumed combination of gourmand and wood accords. Warm and inviting, and almost therapeutic in its olfactory associations, the Moroccanoil oil fragrance evokes the beaches, the luxury and the breezes of the Mediterranean.

Moroccanoil’s haircare product lineup has expanded quickly, spurred no doubt by the efficacy of that original oil and its addictive scent. That Moroccanoil is a go-to brand for leading runway hairstylists has also been a boon to its popularity. Today, choose from volumizing, heat-style protection and curl-enhancing items as well as holds-everything-in-place hairspray. All with a light dose of that coveted scent.

And new this season, Moroccanoil introduces a Body Collection with three top-notch scents, one of them the Signature fragrance as well as a Honey-Lavender scent and an Orange Peel perfume.

Moroccanoil Body Buff, Body Soufflé, Cleansing Bar, Hand Cream and Intense Hydrating Treatment are all infused with the same argan oil that made the brand’s original hair products so popular. Brand devotees will be thrilled to know that the Soufflé and Bar carry the classic scent. The Body Soufflé is lightweight but highly moisturizing and the scent is long-lasting, though light enough not to trump your fragrance (a big win for us can’t-pick-just-one fragrance fanatics).

The Body Buff, in the new orange scent, is a gentle exfoliator. The fruit gives off a slight bitter citrus essence that when combined with the scrub’s argan, avocado, grape seed, safflower, sesame and sweet almond oils, translates to a rich but energetic experience. How perfect for an uplighting, spa-at-home shower.

And following in the treatment tradition of Moroccanoil’s original blockbuster comes the Intense Hydrating Treatment. Its gel formula tranforms to an oil when massaged onto the skin, leaving the body nourished and pampered, and perfumed with a soothing seductive scent, this time a meld of honey and lavender.

Both the Moroccanoil hair and body care lines are available at select salons and spas; $10-$50,

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