Perfumes for this summer’s music festival season

Perfumes for this summer’s music festival season

With the beginning of Coachella on April 14, 2017, music festival season is upon us.

Music festival aesthetic is primarily associated with denim cut-offs and flower crowns—though we’d like to think about the perfumes that fit the occasion too. We asked some of our beauty-minded friends and perfume lovers to let us know—what fragrance will they be wearing to this summer’s festival events?

Adriane Ermter, writer and editor

Ineke After My Own Heart, $95 (75 ml),

“Whenever someone says music festivals, waif-like girls with daisy wreaths entangled in their flowing hair flicker in my mind. Beer, shirtless masses and mud also make a cameo, kind of like that episode of Younger when Liza braids her hair, packs a sleeping bag and braves her way through the BrewGrass Festival. Well, until she was kicked out for being tech-aggressive at the power outlet. Clearly, my festival experience is TV based. Coachella however, might be a fit, what with the rumoured Loubs and Converse going hand in hand.

“If I were to attend, while I wouldn’t wear a floral wreath in my hair I would definitely spritz Ineke After My Own Heart. A crisp floral, it’s breezy, green, lilac scent is the perfect pick for twirling and dancing. And it’s light enough to compliment a festival mood, easy to wear all day and night long and it has, you know, the right down to earth but in a mud-free, fashionable kind of vibe.”

Michelle Bilodeau, freelance writer and editor

Lost and Found Apothecary Willow, $46,

“For a few years now I have tried to find a signature scent and I have failed, because I am often drawn to different notes depending on the day/my mood, etc. So, I would say hellz yeah to a music festival specific fragrance! I think the scent would have to definitely be a warm, beachy fragrance, with notes of vanilla and coconut.

“I would wear Lost & Found’s Willow scent. Created by Sasha Tong (a contributor and tv producer), this new, all-natural fragrance was inspired by the beaches of Tulum and Daria Werbowy’s easy beauty. Two things that I am also inspired by. And the scent delivers. It smells delicious and leaves me yearning for days in the sun and sand.”

Alex G. Brown, freelance writer

Calvin Klein CK2, $67 (100 ml),

“A music festival is definitely a good opportunity to play around and do something different with perfume. Scents are so tied to memory and feeling that it can be fun to try something new and different at a festival, just like you would with your clothing or hair.

I’d wear Ck2. It’s a good mixture of fresh and clean (which you want to feel some of while you’re at a festival) and woody, earthy notes. There’s also the ethos of the—based on how it was marketed, it has a freeing quality and is very geared toward a young, summery mood. And I would definitely say music festivals call for earthy and woody scents. Something less put together than your go-to work scent or evening/formal fragrance. Something easy and carefree—and maybe something a little badass, too.


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