Christian Louboutin debuts three new perfumes

Christian Louboutin debuts three new perfumes

Christian Louboutin moves from red-soled stilettos to chichi scents

He launched an $80 nail varnish in 2014 and followed that up in 2015 with an $85 lipstick, so we’ve long expected Christian Louboutin to expand his beauty empire to include luxury perfume. This month, the brand delivers with the launch of three new scents, each bearing a luxe ticket price of $375.

“I want you to experience the fragrance in the same way as you experience a piano note being played. So there is the ‘ping’,
the first burst of the scent like the striking of the piano key, followed by a beautiful resonance as the note echoes its sound. There is one present moment, and then there is the trace, le sillage.
I think of it as its memory.”
— Christian Louboutin

Three years in the making, Louboutin’s feminine scents each aim to encapsulate a different personality of the Louboutin customer.

The Christian Louboutin perfumes

First, Bikini Questa Sera (“Bikini Tonight,” in Italian) created by Pierre Negrin. The scent is housed in a ruby-and-amber coloured bottle and features tuberose, jasmine and sandalwood. Louboutin told Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) that the scent celebrates the moment when “the sun has gone, but it is not yet the moon.” He continues: “It is a very transformative moment because you go from something very visible, something very warm, domesticated and proper to your wolf. The night allows you to be a little bit wilder.”

Next there is Tornade Blonde, described as “not a colour, but a state of mind—the scent of love and adventure.” It was created by Olivier Cresp. The scent includes notes of cassis and rhubarb, rose, cedarwood and sandalwood housed in a red-and-champagne hued flask. It is meant to convey desire.

The third perfume is labelled Trouble In Heaven to capture a floral-oriental scent created by Pierre Negrin. Louboutin told WWD that “it’s a moment where the woman is in charge and she could feel very flirty, but totally in command—or you can be more like a hunter. It’s more the hunter.”

The perfume features notes or iris, patchouli, tonka and amber, and its flask is ombreed in purple and gold.

The Louboutin pefume bottles

Architect Thomas Heatherwick—who designed the Olympic torch—designed the bottle for the trio of scents. Two twisting columns create an ombre effect. The design was based around the idea of the fragrance flowing within the bottles.

Christian Louboutin perfumes, $375 (80 ml) each,, and on the brand’s website.

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