Canada welcomes H&M beauty. Is fast-fragrance in the future?

Canada welcomes H&M beauty. Is fast-fragrance in the future?

H&M enters the Canadian beauty market in a big way with 700+ plus products. And yes there are perfumes. Lots. And at ridiculous prices.

Among the (over) 700 H&M beauty products, from eye shadows and foundations, blushes and nail polish to styling and cleansing hair products being introduced—yes more than 700!—there are countless perfumed picks that we’re taking special note of: From perfume oil and solid perfume to eaux de toilette and scented body products, the fragrance world has just gotten much much bigger.

H&M fragrances: Flowers and fruits with warm sultry base notes

Clean, understated packaging belies the incredibly good prices of H&M’s 55-ml EDT sprays—they’re $13 each! The scents are straightforward and simple too, but in a delicate and pretty way. Expect to be pleasantly surprised. Our favourite? Try Urban Verve, for a fresh green-noted fall pick-me-up.

H&M beauty’s perfume oil and solid perfume: modern with a hint of vintage, boho charm

H&M’s two other scents come in solid perfume and perfume oil formulas. Dubbed Intuition and Revelation, there’s an air of vintage charm in their perfume characters, but with a modern bohemian lightness too. Intuition is an upbeat meld of citrus with fruit and flowers; Revelation combines spices with flowers and amber for a moodier, masculine effect. The rollerball-format oils use safflower and evening primrose to lightly hydrate the skin while scenting it; the solid perfume comes in a beeswax base.

H&M Eau de Toilette (available in five scents), $13 (55 ml),
H&M Perfume Oil (available in two scents), $13 (9 ml),
H&M Solid Perfume (available in two scents), $13 (2.5 ml),

We sense that this is only the starting point. Given H&M’s fast-fashion history, we’re looking ahead to what will surely be a fast-fragrance future.

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