The latest from Sexual fragrances: Paris Sexual Tendre Pour Homme

The latest from Sexual fragrances: Paris Sexual Tendre Pour Homme

Canadian perfumer Michel Germain produces a new, affordable woody aromatic perfectly in tune with his previous men’s Sexual fragrances–playful, definitely intense and more than a little wearable.

First impression of Sexual Paris Tendre Pour Homme

This brand-new men’s scent from Michel Germain’s prestige Sexual line is quite fresh, almost summery, with a sophisticated and almost piercing sweetness–though not saccharine in any way. Very evocative.

The facts

Michel Germain, who recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Fragrance Awards, feels that successful men’s fragrances are generally very rich and deep. “You may have a great opening or crisp orange or mandarin or citrus note,” he told TW&TR recently, “but there’s typically a woodier, sexier drive underneath that is a little different than ladies.”

This new Pour Homme addition to Germain’s Sexual collection certainly takes this route, its cedar-musk marriage producing the driving woody force behind a strong bergamot opening. Notes of pepper and juniper berries mingle with patchouli and thyme, and a hit of leather and vetiver adding a bit of civil charm to the heavy musk. It’s carnal but grassy, too, almost drinkable.

Germain is conscious of the subliminal messages behind a fragrance, the thought-pictures it produces. Sexual Tendre conjures up images of date nights gone wild–and will inevitably make more than a few knees weak.

The rating: ★★★/★★★★★


Sexual Paris Tendre Pour Homme EDT, $79 (75 ml),,

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