Perfumes to wear with cozy winter fashion

Perfumes to wear with cozy winter fashion

By Adriana Ermter

Probably the most famous passage in Marcel Proust’s novel, Swann’s Way, is when the narrator eats a madeleine—a small, sweet, fashionably French cookie—for the first time. With one bite, the biscuit’s buttery smell and taste instantly trigger happy memories from the character’s childhood. It’s not surprising, really. Scientists have linked scent, memory and emotions for years. So why not use this intriguing combination to our advantage now? With winter well upon us, we’re pairing the right type of perfume with key seasonal attire for three sensational multi-sensorial experiences.


THE OUTFIT: Your outdoor woolies: Hudson Bay striped mittens, scarf and a matching toque with a ¾-length coat.
The Perfume: Sugary, powdered, gourmand scents.

The Outcome: Bundled up in woolie layers and with sugar-plum notes dancing off your wrists, you’ll be so happy you’ll barely notice winter’s frosty outdoors. (Sorry, we’re optimists, okay.) How? Well, there’s a theory that when we spritz sweet-smelling perfume our brain’s olfactory centre releases happy chemicals called opioids, which can dull our brain’s pain chemicals, and that means you’ll have more fun ice skating, tobogganing and strolling under the crisp winter sky and stars.

Try: Yves Saint Laurent, Black Opium, $89 (50 ml),; at the Hudson’s Bay; and Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Jasmin Poudré, $140 (100 ml),; at Sephora

THE OUTFIT: Cozy, flannel loungewear layered with a polar fleece cardigan or wrap.
The Perfume: Woody, musky florals with touches of warm vanilla and/or tangy neroli.

The Outcome: Optimum relaxation. If snuggling in front of the fire in your super-soft loungewear doesn’t put you in a cat-like coma, adding a spritz of a woody, musky perfume will. Why? Musk notes have an intimate and soft quality, while woody notes are warm and soothing. Add a touch of gooey vanilla and a squeeze of feel-good orange and you’ll be calling it a night in.

Try: Chloe Love Story, $100 (50 ml),; at the Hudson’s Bay; and Gucci Première EDT $92 (50ml); at Holt Renfrew


THE OUTFIT: A long-sleeved, cashmere tunic with black leather leggings and black boots.
The Perfume: Spicy, oriental scents.

The Outcome: Casual, chic perfection that will carry you through family brunch to cocktails at midnight—this may just be the perfect winter ensemble. It looks effortlessly sophisticated, because it is. And with an added spritz of a spicy, heady and intensely seductive oriental fragrance, your presence will linger long after you’ve gone home.

Try: Dolce & Gabbana The One Collectors Edition EDP, $127 (75 ml),; at The Hudson’s Bay; and Fendi L’Aquarossa EDP, $96 (50 ml); exclusively at The Hudson’s Bay

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