Fragrance-loving techies unite. Ten-year old perfume house, Bond No. 9, is embracing the digital age with a new spritz named HTTP set to debut June 30. The QR code-adorned scent is available for purchase by smartphone, of course. Forget those old-fashioned, bricks-and-mortar stores. Rather, customers can snap a pic of the QR code—the entire bottle front is emblazoned with the unique digitalized pattern—seen in ads or on the side of the Bond mobile, to be directed to the Bond No.9 site for purchasing. (FYI, the Bond mobile is an English taxicab covered in an all-over polka-dot graphic of company logos.)

Perfumer Michel Almairac aimed to target the “computer literati, twitterati, glamour-ati, techies, wonks, geeks, skypers, googlers, bloggers, and anyone else who wants to connect with the modern world,” with a fresh and fruity essence, that would—like the internet itself—have universal appeal.

Describing the perfume as a “digital wave” Almairac crafted a lively unisex recipe: top notes of bergamot, pineapple and juniper berry; a heart of apple, blackcurrant and cedarwood; and a base of patchouli, moss, musk and amber.

“It will be available in infinite digital doors,” said company founder Laurice Rahme to Women’s Wear Daily. The company plans to implement a social media campaign, leveraging the brand’s 66,000 Facebook friends. Added Rahme, “it’s Bond for the new world.”

$250 (100 ml),

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