Perfume storage—tiered dishes declutter, add glam

Perfume storage—tiered dishes declutter, add glam

By Deborah Fulsang

Having an excess of perfume bottles is a professional hazard. They overflow on my dresser top, my night table, my desk at the office. But I can’t bear to closet them. Their beauty brightens my day: The sparkle of a faceted Annick Goutal flacon, the gloss of black lacquer on my Chanel Coromandel, the lustrous shine of amber liquid in my Hermès cologne bottles.

Great fragrance is meant to be seen as well as sniffed. It’s a multisensorial experience.

So after a holiday season filled with cream and sugar-laden treats presented in beautiful ways, I got a brainwave. The tiered serving dish loses its shortbread and is transformed as dressing-table storage solution for fragrance.

I grabbed a jumbo sized, three-tiered silver platter from the cupboard and started filling it. The result: Perfume storage with a stylist’s flair. My fragrances are now housed neatly and I have a clutter-free dresser top. How cool. Vertical is the way to go.

You could also stack pretty cake plates, one on top of the other, to achieve the same effect. And feel free to co-opt the idea for your nail polishes or costume-jewellery collection too.

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Deborah Fulsang has spent the last two decades as a journalist covering news and trends in the worlds of style—in fashion and beauty, design and décor, food and entertaining. Her long-held love of fragrance led her to launch The Whale & The Rose, a destination for all things perfume-related. Now, when she indulges in a crazy-expensive bottle of fragrance, she can do so guilt-free. Well almost. It’s all in the name of research after all.