Summer perfumes for Summer Loving

Summer perfumes for Summer Loving

By Adriana Ermter

Remember the opening scene in the 1978 summer blockbuster, Grease? The screen lights up, ocean waves roll on to a beach while Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko (Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta) frolic in the water and on the sand. Its romcom at its best, complete with skipping, hand holding, kissing and the words: “I’ve had the best summer of my life” and “it’s only the beginning.” 

The film is a cult-classic, perpetuating our belief that summer romance is dreamy and magical. So we thought we’d have fun and take the flick as inspiration these 36 years later for a few hopelessly-devoted-to-you, date-worthy spritz recommendations. Here summer perfumes for some summer loving…

If you share Danny’s cheek and prefer to have an expiration date on your flirtation – especially when you’re out with the girls – a provocative eau delivers the right vibe. Good-enough-to-eat notes such as caramelized meringue, vanilla and fruity sorbet are rich and irresistible and decadent enough to keep him coming back.
Your spritz: Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée Limited Edition EDT, $75 (50 ml); exclusive at Hudson’s Bay,
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Before Sandy knew she was leaving the land down under, she fretted about being separated from her US-bound Danny. After all, smart phones had yet to be invented. Imagine a fragrance-enabled Facetime: How cool if this scent’s sunny honeysuckle, jasmine and tiare flower notes could be transmitted via cyberspace.
Your spritz: Philosophy, Sunshine Grace Limited Edition EDT, $55 (60 ml),; at Sephora,
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You know he’s the one when you don’t have to perm your hair (or super-straighten it for that matter – that would be the 2014 beauty equivalent) or deck yourself out in shiny black leggings for him to belt the lyrics to “We Go Together.” (For the record, we do think Sandy looked better with curls. The pants, not so much.)
Your seemingly effortless romance is best paired with notes of mandarin, bamboo leaves, gardenia and soft musk. Fresh, sparkling and sensual, they allude to a happily-ever-after finalé.
Your spritz: Calvin Klein, Eternity Summer EDP, $94 (100 ml),; at Shoppers Drug Mart,
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Now, just try to get that “We Go Together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong” ditty out of your head.

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