Have full-body awareness. Although a good mission in all areas of life, both professional and personal, we also argue that it’s a smart way to operate when it comes to fragrance as well.

Considering modern-day scent-wearing traditions, perfume is typically applied delicately to the body’s pulse points: the wrists and a demure dab behind the ears.

Don’t stop there though. Pulse points, the areas of the body with the most veins closely beneath the skin, generate warmth. Make that heat work for you—after all, it will intensify your fragrance.

Move beyond the wrists and neck. Mist your body’s other pulse points too: behind your knees, your ankles, the inside of the elbows, your waist and the small of your back, the nape of your neck and of course, your cleavage.

Spritz lightly of course—we’re not saying you should bathe in your eau de parfum—and then get dressed. By scenting yourself top to bottom, you should also boost the staying power of your fragrance.


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Deborah Fulsang has spent the last two decades as a journalist covering news and trends in the worlds of style—in fashion and beauty, design and décor, food and entertaining. Her long-held love of fragrance led her to launch The Whale & The Rose, a destination for all things perfume-related. Now, when she indulges in a crazy-expensive bottle of fragrance, she can do so guilt-free. Well almost. It’s all in the name of research after all.