YSL, Narciso Rodriguez and Calvin Klein: three perfumes launching

YSL, Narciso Rodriguez and Calvin Klein: three perfumes launching

February’s new fragrances channel the love connection.

Get into the mood for February 14th with a new sexy, sensual and feminine scent. That won’t be difficult given your choices: A gourmand floral from Yves Saint Laurent, a sexy romp on the beach from Calvin Klein, and a potent flower-filled spritz from Narciso Rodriguez.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock: flirting with coffee, flowers, musk

We have a feeling that the late great Yves Saint Laurent would have loved the modernity of his brand’s latest Black Opium perfume. The new Black Opium Floral Shock takes traditionally ultra-feminine essences and spins them in a fresh and sassy direction.

If you’re a fan of the first Black Opium, you’ll quite likely appreciate this next generation spritz which retains the perfume’s signature coffee and vanilla essence but swirls it now with flowers and musk. There’s freesia and gardenia too, and also crisp and juicy bergamot and pear notes, all underlaid with warm sexy musk.

The aim: To channel one of fashion’s original provocateurs. After all, it was Mr. Saint Laurent who rocked the fashion and beauty establishment with his original Opium perfume back in 1977, inspired as it was by a hedonistic retelling of an opium den via a high-octane blend of spices, flowers and woods. That was indeed scandalous. Even shocking. This version doesn’t have that superpower or rock-the-boat impact, but it is sexy—and wearable.
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock, $110 (50 ml), sephora.com

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc For Her: flowers, but not for wallflowers

“Fleur musc was born from my desire to create a fragrance with the heart of musc surrounded by warm rich pink flowers,” says Narciso Rodriguez of his brand’s latest perfume. That sounds so romantic and demure, but there’s nothing wallflower about this one. This is a floral with confidence and attitude: Think pink blooms but with peppercorns, patchouli and that gorgeous musc that the designer is known for.

Even the Narciso bottle hue has been intensified to a more vivid magenta-meets-peony-pink from the earlier ballerina-esque pink flask. It’s turn-your-head chic.
Narciso Rodriguez for her Fleur Musc, $142 (100 ml), thebay.com

Calvin Klein Eternity Intense: orris brings intensity and timelessness

The latest to join the CK Eternity family is Calvin Klein Intense, a fragrance duo that harnesses the rich and nuanced power of orris. The rich, powdery and sophisticated note adds a timeless quality to the women’s modern mix of ingredients. We see orris combined with a breezy aquaflora accord, plus bergamot paired with rich osmanthus and rose. There’s also musk, sandalwood and benzoin to legitimize this spritz’s “intense” promise.

For the men’s iteration, orris plays alongside aromatics that sound delicious enough to eat—or drink. Grapefruit, white pepper, bergamot and black tea; lavender, geranium, rhubarb and that timeless orris again. For the dry down, it’s all about intense woods such as spicy vetiver, cedarwood, cashmeran and resin. It’s quite a cocktail.

There’s a reason why the campaign features Christy Turlington Burns entwined on the beach with her real-life husband à la From Here to Eternity: This is one very sexy, sultry—and timeless—scent.
Calvin Klein Eternity Intense For Her, $106 (100 ml), thebay.com

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