What does Play-Doh smell like? Hasbro Inc. trying to trademark the scent

What does Play-Doh smell like? Hasbro Inc. trying to trademark the scent

Revisit your childhood favourite, Play-Doh, in a new way—via its fragrance.

If we’re being completely honest, we haven’t thought of Play-Doh since our childhood. But when we found out (via Refinery 29) that Hasbro Inc. had filed for a trademark for the scent of Play-Doh we had to read more.

According to the file, Play-Doh smells like a “unique scent formed through the combination of a sweet, slightly musky, vanilla-like fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry, and the natural smell of a salted, wheat-based dough.”

While it’s not really a flattering description of the scent, if we’re remembering correctly it’s actually pretty spot-on. Slightly sweet? Check. Slightly synthetically fruity? Check. Slightly dough-y? You betcha.

Does the description bring you back? Or perhaps you’d prefer to leave that Play-Doh scent in your memories? Either way, it’s a blast from the scented past.

PHOTO: instagram.com/playdoh

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