Polka dots as a perfume trend?

Polka dots as a perfume trend?

Spots, dots, confetti, birthday balloons: The newest perfume packaging pops.

We’re mostly in the business of letting you know perfume note trends, but sometimes the trend crosses over into the packaging as well. Case in point: polka dots.

We can’t say exactly what polka dots smell like and we’re not sure anyone could. But used as a marketing device (in imagery, naming and packaging) in perfumery, polka dots suggest something pretty specific—fun. Cheeky, youthful fun. While some of our polka dot suggestions are new, and others not so much, they’re all perfectly in sync for the summer.

CommeDesGarcons_DOTComme des Garcons Dot

A moodier, darker take on the polka dot trend, Comme des Garcons perfumer Lucas Seiuzac was inspired by the scent of osmanthus for this fragrance. Leafy green notes, pepper, osmanthus, olbanum, woods, and bitter orange make up this woody, floral scent. Think of this dotted perfume as less like polka dots, and more like punctuation. It makes a point, while staying true to the Commes des Garcons spirit—which, of course, brings us back to fun.
$130 (100 ml), www.sephora.com

StellaMcCartney_Pop_2016Stella McCartney Pop

Though we’ve yet to smell Stella McCartney’s new Pop, it sounds much less feminine and pink than its packing would suggest. A woody floral fragrance, this is reportedly full of tomato leaves, sandalwood, cedar, tuberose, violet leaves and plumeria. With brand ambassadors like musician Grimes, model Kenya Kinski Jones, actress Amanda Stenberg and Madonna offspring Lola Leon, there’s also the suggestion that, as the press notes say, this is one pop-culturally relevant perfume that is “Bold, authentic, irreverent.” We do imagine it will stand out from the pack. Or rather, pop out.
$72 (50 ml), www.sephora.com

NinaRicci_Pop_2016Nina Ricci Pop

Nina Ricci’s Pop is a 10 year anniversary scent—a celebration—so it makes sense that the bottle and packing makes us think of confetti. The scent itself is a sweet fruity floral with notes of green apple, citrus, praline, cedar and peony. It’s fun, girly and sweet which is what we’ve come to expect from Nina’s most recent offerings. But let’s talk about that bottle. Designed by French artist Coco, the recognizable apple shape is reimagined with a milky white background and bright saturated polka dots—Nina knows how to catch an eye.
$86 (50 ml), www.ninaricci.com

MarcJacobs_Dot_2012Marc Jacobs Dot

Released in 2012, Marc Jacobs Dot is a cheerful floral fruity fragrance that uses the dot motif in both name and appearance. Of course the bottle reference is a ladybug and flowers, but it also aptly describes the eau inside. Juicy red fruits (dragon fruit and berries), lush florals (orange blossom, jasmine, honeysuckle) and soft velvety notes (coconut, vanilla, musk) offer up a bright, youthful scent.
$115 (100 ml), www.sephora.com

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