Polo channels the raciness of red

Polo channels the raciness of red

By Ashley Kowalewski

It’s been well over four decades since the Polo Ralph Lauren brand opened the doors of its first store in New York in 1967. And it was 35 years ago that the all-American brand launched its first two now-iconic fresh and preppy fragrances for men and women, Polo and Lauren.

The original Polo, still a classic, comes in its telltale green flask, and pays tribute to a rich sporting heritage. Its roster of green notes such as basil, thyme, coriander and oakmoss, evoke outdoor freshness—even suggesting the manicured lawns on which the namesake game is played on.

Polo Blue, launched a decade ago, combines zesty citrus and woody notes for an invigorating breath of fresh air.

Polo Black, introduced in 2005 as an aromatic woody scent, is meant to distill boldness, daring and masculine confidence.

Following in the path of colour-inspired fragrances—each Ralph Lauren scent captures a certain emotion, feeling or moment represented by a particular hue—comes the latest spicy spritz, Polo Red.

Of course red incites feelings of passion, whether anger, excitement or love, and Polo Red aims to channel the adrenaline-induced rush experienced when behind the wheel of a really fast car—in fact, like those in Ralph Lauren’s prestigious auto collection.

The Polo Red juice is also red—not in actual colour but definitely in attitude. Refreshing top notes of red grapefruit, Italian cedrat and cranberry; spicy mid notes of red saffron, lavandin and red sage; and a deep and warm base of red cedarwood, amber and coffee berry, make up the ingredient list. Indeed, it’s a peppery and spicy fragrance that reflects the rainbow’s most fiery hue.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red EDT, $99 (125 ml), www.ralphlauren.com


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