By Deborah Fulsang

First impression: This is an earthy and warm fragrance but without any nuance of damp grassiness. Imagine getting up early in a beautiful rustic house in the country before anyone else has risen. The sun is streaming in the windows and onto the wood floors and there’s the scent of last night’s fire lingering in the hearth. That’s what I smell here: It’s dry, delicious and comforting.

Reminds me of: An olfactory echo plays tricks on my brain. This scent is lusty but soft and masculine: sexy and warm like the scent of a man’s skin on a pillow the morning after.

The facts: Notes of wood mix with spice—the company elaborates no further on these ingredients but then does a scientific list really help you? This is all about the emotion.
A woody oriental is how we’d peg this fragrance, but not oriental in any Opium or Obsession aggressive, stiletto-wearing, ’80s-throwback, kind of way. This is quiet.
The scent also comes in home scents: Choose cologne spray, lotion and oil for the body, and room spray or diffuser oil to perfume your space.

The bottom line: A most soul-satisfying scent—and at a most budget-minded price.

The rating: ★★★★/★★★★★ 

Review: Demeter Fragrance Library Mahogany, $15 (30 ml),


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