Rob Lowe hosts P&G Awards

Rob Lowe hosts P&G Awards

By Deborah Fulsang

Rob Lowe, with all of his chiseled features and charm, won over the crowd at this week’s staging of the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards evening. Or was it his perfectly coiffed hair? Or his trim, sharp-suited physique? Or the fact that he admitted backstage before the show to being a complete “fragrance freak”?

We could go on.

The three-time Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee, TV and film actor, and best-selling author was, at first, a surprising choice to emcee the fourth staging of the event which honours the exemplary talents in the Canadian fashion and beauty industry. But then again, his wife of more than 20 years is a makeup artist.

“I’m predisposed to the whole thing in being married to a makeup artist,” said Lowe when asked about his decision to be a part of the night.

“I really get how hard that work is. And not just makeup artists, but stylists, designers, people in this industry really can see things that we can’t see in ourselves and bring even more out in us…It’s not just about making us look better. It’s helping you realize better aspects of who you are. And that’s really, really important.

“It’s really easier to get caught up in modeling, glitzy, what’s hot or not stuff, than what’s underneath. That’s much more interesting to me.”

Nearly every award winner and presenter took advantage of their time onstage to steal a kiss from the 48-year-old actor. The larger-than-life model Stacey Mackenzie, in fact, planted two on Lowe, marking him with a pair of scarlet pucker prints that left his cheeks flushed with pink for the rest of the night. (Or was that Mackenzie’s ongoing innuendoes that caused Lowe to blush while he played so gentlemanly along with the monologue?)

Indeed, it was Lowe’s politesse that won us over. He was the elegant and eloquent foil to presenter Jully Black’s sass.

Lowe also came across as a genuine fan of the beauty biz, offering the tip “Guys, marry a makeup artist and you’ll always look good” to the enthusiastic crowd.

Before the show, we asked Lowe about who was the most beautiful woman he’s ever met—not counting his wife or mother, of course. “That’s tough,” he replied. There’s a lot of them.

“Angelina Jolie—I know people who you see in the movies and TV and then you meet them, and it’s ‘hmmm’—and then there’s some people you meet in person and it’s ‘holy shit.,’” he said. “She’s one of them. Charlize Theron is another one. Nicole Kidman. All of these women are show-stoppers in real life. Total showstoppers. And Faith Hill. I told you it was a long list,” said the star.

Lowe also confessed his love of fragrance. “I am a fragrance freak,” he said. “I love all of Tom Ford’s fragrances—I’m a big fan; his whole aesthetic is really good. Chanel Bleu is obviously a big deal. For Tom Ford, Oud Wood is a favourite. And I like his day fragrance, Vetiver.”

It was then that the eyes of the Parks and Recreation star really sparkled. (And when we realized why he was such a great choice to headline the P&G event.)

“I also like to work with people who put oils together and make my own stuff,” he said. “It’s a complicated formula of different fragrances that I like—there’s cedar, sandalwood and peat; there are all kinds of amazing elements that speak to me—that’s only mine. That’s pretty much what I wear everyday. When I want to do something special I wear one of the more traditional ones, one of Tom’s or Gucci.”



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