Rollerball perfume for when you’re on the go

Rollerball perfume for when you’re on the go

Tossing an entire bottle of perfume in your purse is not going to happen—so grab a fragrance rollerball instead.

Why should you grab a rollerball perfume this season?

They’re compact

Rollerball perfumes are slim enough to fit in your trouser pocket or your smallest clutch. Perfect for when you won’t be lugging around a giant purse.

They’re portable

Chances are you won’t be throwing your 100 ml into your purse every day—and you probably don’t want to travel with that size either. A rollerball perfume is typically around 10 ml. The perfect size for your next vacation, or just to have on hand for touch-ups throughout the day.

They’re less expensive

This one is obvious—less perfume equals less money. But it’s also a way for you to try new perfumes without committing to the larger size. This is a great bonus if you like to switch up your perfume regularly.

Here are our favourite perfume rollerballs for this season—all under $50!


Gucci Bamboo, $46 (15 ml),
Burberry Brit Rythm Florale, $29 (7.5 ml),
Nest Fragrances Amazon Lily, $30 (10 ml),
Clean Cashmere, $26.50 (10 ml),
Elizabeth and James Nirvana White, $32 (10 ml),
Prada Candy Florale, $32 (10 ml),

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