Save summer with scents of grass, dirt and tomatoes

Save summer with scents of grass, dirt and tomatoes

Anxious that summer’s fading? That fall and its real-life schedule is just around the corner?

Given that we subscribe to the spritz-to-make-you-feel-good philosophy, we urge a new toilette to keep you in this August moment.

But if you’ve had quite enough of the endless assortment of fruity-floral fragrances that crowd today’s fragrance counter, we’re suggesting another tact. If you choose savoury over sweet, espresso over a sugar-spiked latte, vanilla over cookie-dough-explosion ice-cream, we urge summer scent experimentation via the single-note Demeter scents called Dirt, Tomato and Grass.

Demeter Fragrances has an almost 300-strong library of scents inspired by the ordinary-but-extraordinary smells of everyday objects and experiences. And in fact as mythology goes, Demeter was the Greek god of agriculture, so when the brand was founded in 1996, its original three scents were Dirt, Grass and Tomato.

We’re thinking they too were waxing nostalgic for glorious spring and summer days. So take a whiff. These scents leave you time travelling to memories of playing in the yard and the garden during those dog days of summer, those days that seemed to go on forever when you were a kid.

Dirt is warm and rich, soft but with an almost floral or fruity undertone.
Grass is lush and sweet, clear and green.
Tomato is the smell of your hands when you’ve picked a fresh beefsteak tomato off the sun-warmed vine.
Spritz them. Layer them. And keep enjoying the summer.

Demeter Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray, $20 (30 ml) each, in Dirt, Tomato and Grass,

Canadians take note: In mid-September, Demeter fragrance bars will launch in some select 70 Loblaws stores across the country. The extra bonus? These Demeter scents will then be just $15 each.

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