Scent of a Man or Fragrances Dad will love for Father’s Day

Scent of a Man or Fragrances Dad will love for Father’s Day

By Adriana Ermter

In 1979, wearing an aggressive-smelling scent was, as the Old Spice television commercials claimed, “powerful” and “the mark of a man.” Thirty-plus years later, the relationship between men and fragrance hasn’t really changed: Men still wear scent to create a desired persona. The blueprint of these formerly manly-man fragrances has, however, changed. Now, cleaner, edgier, fruitier, fresher, and even more flowery ingredients are being infused into the latest incarnations of men’s fragrance faster than you can say: Happy Father’s Day. Here are five favourites that your dad would love.

For the philosophical, never-loses-his-cool dad
Demeter, Baihao Yinzhen Tea $15 (30 ml): Maybe he meditates, maybe he doesn’t, one thing is for sure: This dad is chill-axed. Cool as a cucumber and ready with the right philosophical mantra to get through the most challenging situation, he swanned through his kids’ adolescence, the house renovations and his wife’s PhD studies unscathed. Naturally, he’s drawn to the quiet, uplifting, fresh and tea-like quality of this scent. Available at Loblaw, The Real Canadian Superstore. 

For the crush-worthy, utterly-adoring-husband-and-father dad
Dior Homme, Eau for Men $66 (50 ml): He wears his Levi’s jeans and Converse sneakers with the exact same simplicity as his charcoal-hued, Italian-made suit. Classy and casual, with hair that’s always just a bit messy, he’s everybody’s heartthrob and completely oblivious to the adoration. Only this magnetic blend of wood, citrus, spice and, yes, a hint of sensual iris flower, will do this dad justice. Available at The Hudson’s Bay. 

For the hip, exceptionally cool, iphone 5S-using tech dad
Jay Z Gold $47 (50 ml): This dad has discerning taste when it comes to gadgets and accessories and only the best hardware will suffice. His choices are complex and require a manual, along with a visionary approach. So does this eau. With layers of bright citrus and warm spices mixed with smoky myrrh, bourbon vanilla and sultry violets, this is the perfect blend of the luxe life, hipster chic and high-tech cool that will appeal. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

For the sport-loving, signs-his-kids-up-for-soccer and still plays tennis twice-a-week dad
Nautica, Voyage N-83 $60 (100 ml): Not only does this dad like the salty spray of the ocean on his face and enjoy building tall castles in the sand, he’s up for any kind of play-time adventure with the family so long as it include the outdoors. For him, life is a glass of clear blue water that’s always half full. And this aquatic eau with its combination of zesty citrus fruits, warm nutmeg and lavender and rugged cedarwood is sure to quench his thirst. Available at Sears. 

For the oenophile, private club and links-loving dad
Mont Blanc, Emblem, Limited Edition $68 (100 ml): You’ll most likely find this dad, clinking wine glasses with his family and friends at the local country or golf club. He knows the difference between an Argentinian Malbec and an Italian Merlot with one sniff and swirl, and likewise has a thing for fine bourbon. Focused on living well while accomplishing his long-term goals, this guy’s certain to enjoy the pairing this eau presents with its tangy, crisp blend of lime, spearmint and apple alongside warm sandalwood and spicy cardamom. Available at Sears.


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