holiday scents you can cozy up with

holiday scents you can cozy up with

By Ashley Kowalewski

For many, the post-Christmas week allows a moment of me time. Maybe you’re also feeling nostalgic for those long-ago snow days of your childhood when you had a full day to make snow forts, read or cozy up and watch movies.

Snowflakes floating outside, a fire crackling while you’re curled up with a toasty cup of hot chocolate—and bring on the marshmallows—and you’re wrapped up in a cashmere throw.

Hold that thought. In the spirit of holing up on these cherished down days, we suggest a few ways to heighten the experience—from a scent point of view, of course:

Want the smell of a crackling fire, but don’t have a real hearth? Try the Paddywax Solstice candle. Its notes of sandalwood, moss and warm amber channel the essence of an open fire on a crisp snowy day. $30 (10 oz),

While a real cashmere throw may not be in the budget, the comfy-cozy essence of it can be with Bath & Body Works Cashmere Glow Shower Gel. It doubles as a bubble bath too and its notes of bergamot, peach nectar, pink guava, apricot, soft petals, mimosa, peony, jasmine, vanilla, dulce de leche, sandalwood and cashmere musk will make any bath feel and smell like you’re wrapped in a soft, fluffy blanket. $11 (236 ml),

Cocoa-y delight comes in many forms—particularly wonderful via The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter. Rich and luxe and ideal for winter-worn skin, it will leave you smelling like a cup of hot chocolate all day long. How delicious. $6 (200 ml),


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