Match your scent to the season

Match your scent to the season

At The Whale & The Rose, we’re the first to advocate experimenting with new fragrances. (So many fragrances, so little time…) But we also respect those who remain loyal to their signature scent or scents.
Sometimes however, as summer arrives and the mercury starts to climb, our favourite perfume might seem a little much, a little rich for one’s terrace-going schedule.
The solution: Play the percentages.
Swap your parfum with its lighter, brighter sister formula: After all, most current fragrances do come in a range of concentrations to suit both your whims and the weather. Keep perfume-oil concentrations in mind pre-spritzing.

Perfume-oil concentrations
routinely packs a perfume oil in alcohol concentration of 23-30%.
Eau de Parfum contains an 18-22% concentration.
Eau de Toilette is based on a lighter 13-17% concentration.
Eau de Cologne typically has a 2-5% concentration.
Eau Fraiche formulas average 1-3% concentration.

And as a rule, lighter, less concentrated scents are better suited to steamy weather while richer perfumes and eau de parfums match well to cooler weather conditions.

Miss Dior for all seasons: From left: Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau Fraiche.

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