A veteran beauty editor picks Serge Lutens

A veteran beauty editor picks Serge Lutens

Writer Adriana Ermter chooses Serge Lutens’ new Baptême du Feu as her fall #TWTRspritz.

If I’ve said it once, my actions have validated this statement a thousand times: More is better when it comes to perfume. So naturally, selecting one fragrant preference for fall is a challenge. Serge Lutens Baptême du Feu however, has made a big impact.

An anomaly in the industry, Lutens mix-masters according to whim, sentiment and expression, caring little for fashion, trends and sales. He has been known to say that fragrance should be worn to amplify your mood. I completely agree. For me, his creations feel visceral, like a moment or an emotion is being experienced. It’s what makes his perfumes remarkable, wearable and coveted. This latest eau is no exception.

On first spritz, gingerbread, tangerine and the apricot-smelling blossoms of osmanthus create a state of sensuality and energy. Later, after the parfum’s powdery notes have settled and its musky woody ones lift to the forefront, an earthy quality emerges evoking feelings of new birth and inspiration. The overall sensation is powerful, intimate. And while I accept that Monsieur Lutens may not agree, there’s something quite special about the perfume’s lingering last moments that reminds me of Ralph Lauren Lauren’s green, forest-floral expression. It’s invigorating, hopeful and reaffirms my belief that anything is possible. And that, makes this perfume all the more lovely.

Notes: woods, osmanthus, castoreum, tangerine, powder, gingerbread

Serge Lutens Baptême du Feu, $155 (50 ml), www.sephora.com

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Adriana Ermter is an award-winning writer and editor. The former beauty director for FASHION magazine and editor-in-chief of Salon and of Childview magazines is a monthly columnist for Among Men Mag and has hosted beauty videos for fashionmagazine.com and contributed to Men’s FASHION, Chatelaine and chatelaine.com, Flare and flare.com, Huffington Post Canada, National Post, thekit.ca and iVillage.ca. She lives in Toronto with her very spoiled feline, Trixie-Belle, and a fantastically large perfume collection.