Sexiest men’s scents to gift for Father’s Day (Part 1)

Sexiest men’s scents to gift for Father’s Day (Part 1)

By Deborah Fulsang

Beer-themed gifts, bad ties and barbecue tools: On the occasion of Father’s Day, we got to pondering our favourite men’s scents that would be a vast improvement on the cliché dad gift. But we weren’t necessarily thinking dad-in-the-den scents; more David-Beckham-with-his-brood fragrances, all with charm, charisma and a certain je ne sais quoi sex appeal.

To help assemble that collection of greatest hits, we tapped a handful of scent experts for their best-of men’s fragrance choices. Here, we share journalist and scent enthusiast Natalie Atkinson‘s favourite masculine scents. Stay tuned over the next two days as our other pros share their choices.

(Pictured above as a child with her father)
Black Vetyver Café by Jo Malone London
“This conjures a coffeehouse. One where smoky rich incense and the dry, woody roast of dark coffee beans hangs in the air with notes of experimental folk and jazz. Despite the sandalwood, it’s razor-sharp (from the vetiver) and steely cold, in a sexy way.” $130 (100 ml),

Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet
“The British royal warrant-holder created this in 1902 for the Duke of Marlborough (later Winston Churchill wore it). It’s an aristocratic, pretty classic citrus mingled with pine, lavender and musk. Also in that vein—and I love it especially to refresh against the summer heat—is Penhaligon’s more recent Juniper Sling. The herbaceous angelica, juniper and cardamom meet fizzy Prohibition spirits and the result is as bracing as the London dry gin and tonic that its name suggests!” $80 (50 ml), in Vancouver

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf
“I refer to this cologne The Poor Man’s Tom Ford (specifically: Ford’s bestselling Tobacco Vanille). It’s terrific, and a third of the price, with notes that evoke good, slightly damp apricot-vanilla pipe tobacco, tonka bean and a dash of chili. It’s for dads with single-malt scotch tastes, on a craft-beer budget.” $75 (50 ml),

Burt’s Bees Natural
“For traditional dads, a similarly old-school style cologne: bergamot splashed with lemon, cypress and other woods, with the very modern innovation that it’s all 100% natural (via essential oils) right down to the recyclable glass bottle.” $45 (50 ml),

Geranium Pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle
“Perfumer Dominique Ropion created this cool breeze of a cologne. Bright mint and the crisp titular ingredient last throughout, with a hint of styrax, anise and clove that add spice but remain sheer under the mint. It’s my idea of perfect clean, casual but sophisticated freshness.” $185 (50 ml),,

And might we add, if you are buying for your father and he’s not a typical fragrance wearer, do as Atkinson suggests: “Consider buying him the body wash or deodorant stick of any of the above.”

Next up… Dave Lackie, editor of BEAUTY The Guide at The Bay, shares his top three sexiest men’s scents. Check in soon at The Whale & The Rose.

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