Sexy scents for Earth Day love

Sexy scents for Earth Day love

By Danielle DesRosiers 

Earth Day comes but once a year and as we strive to take that extra eco-minded step—picking up the neighbourhood trash, swapping our trusted household cleaners for vinegar and lemon, separating our recyclables—we can’t help but wonder how we could do more. On that note, we unearthed a roundup of fragrances that not only smell divine, but are environmentally friendly as well.


With an eco dandy attitude, Honoré des Près fragrances hail from Paris and pride themselves on being truly organic, yet terribly French.  The 100% natural perfumes contain no synthetic additives and are certified vegan and cruelty-free. The brand takes a one-of-a-kind perspective on the organic mindset with scents—crafted by A-list perfumer Olivia Giacobetti—such as Love les Carottes (best be described as a sweet, carrot cocktail but it has a slight woody note too), and Love Coconut (made from fresh coconuts but with a deliciously subtle peppery edge).
The company’s best selling fragrance: Vamp À NY. It’s comprised of a hearty mixture of tuberose and rum that is meant to capture the atmosphere of New York and the refined taste of French Couture at the same time. With no colorants or phthalates, it’s well suited to a city girl with a sophisticated, save-the-planet-one-perfume-at-a-time conscience.
(PICTURED ABOVE) Vamp À NY and other Honoré des Près fragrances, $98 (50 ml),


The Rich Hippie Bohemian Wedding scent appeals to the romantic flower-child in all of us: earthy-chic and loaded with patchouli and Italian citrus. It leaves us daydreaming of an impromptu wedding on the beach, flowers in hair.
The Rich Hippie line is organic, preservative- and phthalate-free, with true California-dreaming names such as Love Train, Shambala, Kumbaya, Rock Star and Hoochie Coochie.
The brand takes its greenness seriously, utilizing alcohol (the solution in which the perfume oils reside) produced from organic grapes, and a traditional, non-petroleum-based production. It focuses on small-batch production in order to provide top-quality, wild-crafted fragrances.
Bohemian Wedding EDP $265 (0.5 oz), 


Never shy to express its eco-friendly efforts, Lush does so again with its wonderfully named spritz, The Smell of Weather Turning. Inspired by the change in climate due to global warming, the fragrance starts off minty-fresh but gradually melts into an oakwood base with a hint of sweetness.
Lush prides itself on the ethical sourcing and production of all products within its fragrance-creating processes. Its bottles are also BPA-free and are made from 100 percent, post-consumer recycled plastic.
The Smell of Weather Turning perfume, $55 (30 ml),


The Body Shop’s newly released five-fragrance Scents of the World collection pays homage to some of our planet’s olfactory highlights, from the vanilla-scented coast of Africa to the cherry blossom-perfumed air of Kyoto. All fragrances contain 100 percent Community Fair Trade alcohol and globally sourced essential oils. One of our favorites from the collection evokes Morocco: Atlas Mountain Rose combines handpicked-rose extract with citrus, amber and musk.
Atlas Mountain Rose and other Scents of the World fragrances, EDT $25 (50 ml) each, 


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