Shopping tips for Father’s Day fragrance

Shopping tips for Father’s Day fragrance

Shopping for Dad is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Pick up a Father’s Day fragrance for your father figure this year.

Shopping for Father’s Day doesn’t have to be same old, same old—neck ties that will get neglected, books he won’t read, confections that just give him heartburn. After shave is always a safe bet, but you can do better than that. Set Dad up with a real fragrance this year, something that makes a more personal statement, and takes him outside the drugstore counter culture.

With so many great fragrances on offer, how do you narrow the field? Easy:

  • Base your choice on scents you know he already likes, going with something in the same vein.
  • Consider scents you know your mother likes! She has to live with your gift, too. Better yet, take her shopping with you.
  • Shop his personality, via this handy guide below.


Spends Saturdays: Hiking, kayaking or playing rugby
Favourite Tipple: Craft ale
Signature Style: Sport shorts, golf shirts, sneakers
Scent Penchant: Green, herbal, figgy, floral—something unpretentious and natural

The Winner: Clean Lovegrass. Though the hippy-dippy name might turn off your intrepid Dad, the scent will not. Notes of black pepper, lemon, orange blossom, patchouli and woods create a scent that is second-skin to its wearer. $95 (60 ml),


Spends Saturdays: Reading or gardening; perhaps a quick afternoon shop
Favourite Tipple: Negroni, Gimlet, anything with gin in it
Signature Style: Tailored blazers, bespoke shoes
Scent Penchant: Spicy, musky—something unusual and sharp

The Winner: Zoologist Civet. A Dad who likes a good Negroni, will want his fragrance to be as interesting—and a niche brand will certainly help too. This Toronto-based brand is known for their animal-inspired scents, and the latest, Civet, is one to get your hands on. A spicy floral top with coffee and leather, moss and vanilla mingle for a musky, interesting scent. $150 (60 ml),


Spends Saturdays: Brunching heartily, then browsing for vintage vinyl
Favourite Tipple: Single-malt whisky
Signature Style: Black shirts, smart jeans
Scent Penchant: Woody, smoky, leathery—something earthy and sensual

The Winner: Bottega Veneta Pour Home Parfum. This rich scent is full of leather, pimento, tonka bean, cedar and cardamom. The perfect spicy, earthy scent for a Dad who loves the finer things in life, but also likes to keep it casual. $152 (90 ml),


Spends Saturdays: Tinkering in the garage or coaching soccer
Favourite Tipple: Beer all the way
Signature Style: Chinos, polo shirts, loafers
Scent Penchant: Citrus, orange, herbs—something clean and fresh

The Winner: Jean Paul Gaulter Le Male Eau Fraiche Superman. This classic aromatic green scent gets a pop-culture update with the Superman bottle. Dad will love the combo of neroli, mint and tonka bean as much as he loves the nod to his favourite superhero. $92 (100 ml),

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