Smells good enough to eat

Smells good enough to eat

By Erin Richardson

If you were given a candy that would make your entire body smell like roses, would you eat it? Deo Perfume Candy is thinking “yes.” Its newly released edible treat, marketed with the tagline “beauty from within,” claims to do just that.

Developed by Alpi, a Bulgarian confectionary company, Deo Perfume Candy boasts a freshening effect which is derived from an aromatic compound called Geraniol, a substance extracted from plants like roses, lavender, and vanilla. Since our bodies are unable to process this sweet-smelling liquid, we secrete it (and its scent) through our pores. As a result, after the recommended serving of four candies, the company claims that one’s skin and breath will smell like roses for up to six hours.

Although this technology seems revolutionary, Deo is actually just the latest development in a surprisingly long history of perfuming through food. Story has it that various seductresses in ancient times, from Egypt and Rome to China, ingested fragrant edibles such as musk and rosewater to flavour skin and to therefore boost one’s irresistibility. In recent times, it’s also possible to beautify from within. Consumers can now  buy musk-flavoured Life Savers in Australia and rose-flavoured gum (called Fuwarinka Gum) in Japan.

Available on Amazon for $7.99. Alas, no shipping to Canada.

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