A soft lavender perfume with a twist

A soft lavender perfume with a twist

Writer and blogger Jane Daly of Daly Beauty picks her fall #TWTRspritz, Guerlain Mon Exclusif.

“I tend to resist fall, as summer is really my favourite time of year. However, I recently tried the most delicious perfume and it’s got me dreaming of cooler days so I can wrap myself in its deliciousness. The Guerlain release, Mon Exclusif, is a confection of lavender and caramel.

Guerlain’s Thierry Wasser took Guerlain lavender and added the magical Guerlinade to create the most feminine lavender scent I’ve ever sniffed.

“Mon Exclusif is meant to be one’s own personal scent—I named mine Soft Pure Love. It evokes lavender macarons to my nose and triggers my synesthesia. I feel a soft texture, like cashmere or velvet, and colour, which of course is purple.

“I find it amazing how Guerlain can evoke colours and textures with its perfumes, although I am not surprised. The cosy purple velvet of Mon Exclusif is also what I feel when I wear Guerlain Jicky—the original sexy and sweet lavender. I get a softer shade of purple from Chanel Jersey, which is also a warm lavender. But the sugared caramel of Guerlain Mon Exclusif is mouth-watering and sets it apart from most lavenders. This is most definitely the kind of perfume that will sing on a crisp fall day. I feel like I might have to buy a cashmere pashmina to wear with this gorgeous perfume. In a soft lavender shade, of course.”

Top notes: mandarin, bergamot, candied almond
Middle notes: lavender
Base notes: vanilla, toffee, sandalwood, musk, iris, salt fern, butter, coumarin

Guerlain Mon Exclusif, $190 (50 ml), www.guerlain.com

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