Store fragrance in the fridge and make it last longer

Store fragrance in the fridge and make it last longer

So the snow has already threatened to flurry—or perhaps it’s already fluttering down where you are—which means you’re firmly in the winter-woolly mindset. Or at least you’ve started to wear socks again. You’ve also moved into a new fragrance: perhaps an eau-de-parfum version of your favourite summer floral, or a completely new spritz that’s rich and delicious and more in line with your want-to-sit-by-the-fireplace-all-evening headspace.

So how best to store those favourite warm-weather scents so they’re fresh for next spring?

Store them in the fridge. Yes, in the fridge. It will prolong the life of your scent, and it’s a great solution if you like to switch up your fragrance with the season but keep your scent stockpile in tip-top shape.

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