A sultry perfume pick for fall

A sultry perfume pick for fall

Fragrance expert Marian Bendeth embraces spice, fire and a dose of crisp green for her fall #TWTRspritz.

I’m very impressed with the new Serge Lutens Baptême du Feu. The sultry notes of dark ginger reminds me of the heart of a hot red crackling flame, the way spicy ginger hits the tastebuds. The ashy woods take me to a fireplace on cool nights.

For fall, I always like to turn it down in tonality and depth [for my fragrances] to reflect the season and temperatures. This in turn, reflects my moods and choices of colours too!

Another favourite fragrance is the classic, Jean-Louis Scherrer eau de parfum. The scent of crisp, aldehydic, green, floral and woody notes that encapsulates Paris at its most hautiest, yet elegant aura. It makes me want to tie my scarves in a French way that I have yet to master, but I can smell like I do!

Notes: woods, osmanthus, castoreum, tangerine, powder, gingerbread

Serge Lutens Baptême du Feu, $155 (50 ml), www.sephora.com

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Marian Bendeth is a noted Global Fragrance Expert and owner of Sixth Scents based in Toronto Canada. She consults with the general public, fragrance industry, retailers, colleges and media. She is also a six- times award-winning Fragrance Media Editorial Awards fragrance journalist and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Awards at The Canadian Fragrance Awards.