New summer perfumes go light and tropical

New summer perfumes go light and tropical

Looking for a scent to suit the sun-loving season? Check out the 2016 summer perfumes from some of your favourite brands.

When summer rolls around we love to spritz aquatic and citrus scents to lighten and brighten our mood. It makes sense then that brands tap into this fragrance mindset and offer new options of our favourites with limited-time-only, ready-for-the-beach summer perfumes.

These warm-weather variations are often in the same vein as the originals, personality-wise, but possess added or swapped-out notes that are more summer-centric–think aquatic, solar and citrus. Here, a roundup of 2016 summer perfumes targeted to the sultry, sundress-wearing and patio-going season:

Calvin Klein Obsession and Eternity Summer perfumes

Every summer, CK Obsession and Eternity, respectively, get summer updates. This year, Eternity goes tropical with notes of palm tree accord, pear blossom, vanilla and tuberose mist, while Obsession taps into the steamy sultry side of summer with musk, bergamot, gardenia and water lotus notes.
Obsession Summer, $98 (100 ml),
Eternity Summer, $98 (100 ml), 

Issey Miyake Summer perfume: fragrance for island style

This cheerful fragrance is floral and fruity, with dragon fruit being the star ingredient. Other tropical fruits such as lychee, guava and passion fruit mingle with vanilla and woods for a scent that will transport you to a faraway island.
Issey Miyake L’eay d’Issey Summer 2016, $79 (100 ml),

Light, bright, and cocktail-inspired summer perfume: DKNY Woman Summer

Another fruity floral to add to the summer mix: DKNY Woman Summer. Top notes of peach, bellini, goji berries and lemon add lightness to the heart (rose, violet, water lily) and base (cashmere, musk, amber) of this scent.
DKNY Woman Summer,

Tropical summer perfumes: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Love in Capri

Dolce & Gabbana annually offers a limited edition update to its blockbuster Light Blue fragrance collection. This year, Light Blue Love in Capri is full of citrus and honeysuckle inspired by (what else?) the island of Capri. Think clear blue waters, bright sunshine-y skies and a lush, green island.
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Love in Capri, $85 (50 ml),

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