Sweater-weather perfume

Sweater-weather perfume

Great new fragrances for fall: because what is sexier than the scent memory of a great perfume on a cozy sweater?

The cooler autumn weather has us pulling out our merino wool and cashmere. And I have to say, it’s one of my favorite things to catch a whiff of a beautiful scent lingering on a sweater, whether that sweater has been recently cast off at the end of the day by your main squeeze or it’s been freshly pulled out of the closet for a new fall season.

There’s something ethereal about it. Half memory, half dream. Especially if there was a sexy moment associated with the wearing of said garment.

The arrival of sweater weather also means we’re welcomed by a new lineup of sweater-weather perfumes on store shelves. And to suit the moment’s cooler air, we lean to richer, more complex toilettes that seem to linger on those cozy pullovers, cardigans and wraps.

A trio of sweather-weather perfumes: concoctions of flowers, spice and woods

Twilly d’Hermès Twilly, the new Gucci Bloom and Jo Malone London English Oak & Hazelnut, all have richness, drama and a certain je ne sais quoi that peg them as ideally suited to sweater weather.

Twilly d’Hermès is a lovely, sensual scent with an irresistible zestiness. Its unexpected combination of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood manages to be both elegant and vivacious, rich yet light. What a recipe! And how perfect for a big cozy sweater, skinny jeans and booties.
Twilly d’Hermes $76 (30 mL)/$107 (50 mL)/$147 (85 mL), hermes.com/ca

Gucci Bloom is the debut fragrance from creative director Alessandro Michele in partnership with veteran, award-winning perfumer Alberto Morillas. This one is decadent with tuberose and jasmine, yet its fresh green essence gives edge and transparency. Imagine a whiff of that fragrance sent through the air with the swish of a scarf!
Gucci Bloom EDT, $90 (30 mL)/$114 (50 mL)/$154 (100 mL), at Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique and Sephora

Jo Malone London English Oak & Hazelnut distills everything I love about a picture-perfect fall day: It’s warm, amber, sunny, crisp. Layer into that also the feeling of walking in a hardwood forest in October—the oak and maple leaves floating down through the sunshine on a late-afternoon breeze. The cologne’s mix of green hazelnut, cedarwood and roasted oak absolute is perfect perfume casting.
English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne, $90 (30 mL)/$175 (100 mL), jomalone.ca

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